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Lionshare Farm is nestled in the breathtaking woods of Greenwich, Connecticut.  Its 100 sprawling acres encompass a wonderful balance of rolling hills, wooded trails, open fields, and stunning architecture.

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The Show Barn was completed in 1997.   Its intricate details and sweeping scope make it a truly unique and unforgettable barn.  The barn holds Lionshare's 36 stalls as well as a 100 x 240 foot indoor ring complete with a four story ceiling, a beautifully appointed viewing lounge and glass enclosure on three sides. In the summer months the glass doors open for a delightful “covered outdoor” environment.


Immediately adjacent to the show barn is the first of  Lionshare's  all-weather outdoor rings.  This 175 x 325 foot ring comes complete with permanent banks and slides as well as a furnished, screened-in gazebo and viewing deck.

The second all-weather outdoor ring rests beside Lionshare's  world-class Grand Prix Field atop one of the highest points of the property with sweeping views of the valley.  The polished and picturesque Grand Prix Field includes permanent banks, slides and ditches, as well as a liverpool, water jump, and grob.  Each of Lionshare's rings is sprinkled with colorful and creative fences, constantly reconfigured to challenge both horse and rider.

Lionshare Facilities: Greenwich, CT.

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    Natural  Obstacles
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404 Taconic Road
Greenwich, CT 06831

203-869-4649 FAX 203-869-6123

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